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There are plenty of plans and programs out there, but they can be a little confusing. So, Hydrafacial reached out to nearly 1,000 experts and consumers to hear how they addressed skin health. They compiled the results and developed the first-ever skin health pyramid – an easy-to-follow guide to build your regimen and get better skin health. There are four simple layers:

  1. Annually
  2. Monthly/Quarterly
  3. Daily/Weekly
  4. Always

What's Your Skin Health Score?

There's 3 Important Factors

These are the key measures to skin health.



According to hundreds of Skin Health experts, hydration is the single most important factor in healthy skin. Dryness, scaly skin, flakes or peeling, even tight-feeling skin can be indicators for lack of hydration.


Tone + Texture

Simply put, this is how your skin looks and feels.  Key questions to ask yourself are: Is your skin dull and lackluster or bright and glowing? The services right for you depend on your answers. Take a look and be objective.


Pore Congestion

This is a good measure of how clean and clear of obstructions your skin is. Take a look and identify:  How visible are your pores? Are they filled with dirt and debris? Again be objective, the answer matters.

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