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Medical Grade Skin Care and Why There’s No Comparison

What Is Medical Grade Skincare?

The concentration of active ingredients is generally greater than what you can find over the counter, and they have been tested to be effective on the skin, hence there are greater results with such skincare. This type of skincare is known to offer both medicinal and cosmetic benefits mixed with science to deliver results that are documentable and sustainable.  Brands like PCA, Skinceuticals, Epionce, Jan Marini and SkinMedica.

What Are Over The Counter Skincare Products?

Over-the-counter products are those you find at the drugstore, big box stores, and places like Ulta and Sephora.  The biggest difference is that they aren't FDA approved and haven't really been proven to work, which means any money you spend on them is a gamble.  

Now, we think there is a place for everything in the market so limit your over-the-counter purchases for things that you're not looking to gain major...

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Dermaplaning: The Magical Add-On To All Facial Services!

Dermaplaning is a painless physical exfoliation method that uses a sterile surgical scalpel to gently shave the top layer of dead skin and hair/peach fuzz from the skin. This allows your skincare and makeup to go on flawlessly!

We offer this as an add-on to most of our facial services. Just schedule it when you schedule your other appointments to allow the correct amount of time. It’s worth every penny!

Simple WITH immediate results!

  Learn more about our facial services https://www.eastlandfb.com/
  Schedule online: https://eastlandfaceandbody.myaestheticrecord.com/book/appointments

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Personalized Consultations

anti aging consultations Feb 24, 2021

Looking for a home for all your medspa needs? A place you can be heard and treated with care. A place you can trust with your investment and your results? THAT’S US!!

Eastland Face and Body is Kansas City’s best-kept medspa secret!!

We would love to sit down with you in a personalized consultation where our Medical Esthetician will evaluate your skin, listen to your wants, needs and budget range and come up with a structured treatment plan with a variety of products and services that's end goal is the results you asked for, in your budget!

Other than RESULTS - We specialize in:

Facial Injections for forehead, lips, cheeks, you name it!
Chemical Peels
Customized Facials
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Genesis/IPL/Limelight
Microneedling with PRP
Body Contouring and Fat Reduction
Spray Tanning

Learn more about Eastland Face and Body https://www.eastlandfb.com/
Schedule online https://eastlandfaceandbody.myaestheticrecord.com/book/appointments

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How are you treating your skin at home?

Are you treating your skin like a queen morning and night?

In the last few months, we’ve talked a lot about taking care of your skin daily so you see better results with your treatments. There’s a reason behind that and it's not just to sell products. It’s because we’ve seen countless people start using products and notice a difference in their Hydrafacials, Injections, and Laser Treatments.

Using products that allow the skin to breathe and do its thing without interruption it’s a beautiful thing! Epionce doesn’t disrupt the skin's natural functions, it aids it and at the same time nourishes it with botanically based ingredients that your skin sucks up and is happy to have.

So without getting into a bunch of science, take our word for it! You’ll be glad you decided to start a daily Epionce regimen after the first day you do it.

You can start with just 3 easy steps and add treatment products as needed. Even the basics make a HUGE...

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