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BACK TO SCHOOL: Top 5 Benefits of Facials for you TEEN!

Does your teen struggle with acne? Do they get embarrassed when they have breakouts? With the kids getting ready to head back to school there are so many variables to why teens struggle with acne. Education is the best medicine, but we all know that regardless of how much we try to help, they continue to break out whether its from sweating, touching their faces too much, not washing their face in general, and so many other reasons why. I can remember how embarrassed and frustrated I would get as a Teen when it seemed like no matter what I did I couldn't seem to manage the breakouts. Here are a few reasons you should consider putting your teen on a skin regimen and benefits they can have from facials:

1. Learn Healthy Skin care Habits

The number one benefit of visiting an aesthetician for facials is the educational factor. Not all of us are knowledgeable enough, or haven't had to deal with the frustration, to consider every factor that may be causing the issue . Today, many...

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Managing Acne - Back Hydrafacial+Body Scrub+PCA Acne Gel=Smooth Soft Skin!

Zits, pimples, acne whatever you're dealing with can be a challenge to treat.  Acne isn't just for teens, it can happen at any age for many reasons. Zits, pimples, and acne can appear on any part of your body, including your back, which for men is a sensitive spot and affects your overall confidence.

What Causes Back Ance And How Do I Clear It Up?

There are many reasons people get acne, so it’s important to know why and how it forms in the first place...

Your body produces an oil called sebum. It’s made in the glands connected to your hair follicles. Sebum moves up the hair follicles to add moisture to your skin and hair.

Pimples form when extra sebum and dead skin cells build-up around a follicle. This buildup blocks skin pores and bacteria gets trapped. When the hair follicle enlarges, it forms a whitehead pimple. When the clogged pore gets exposed to air, blackhead pimples form.  If they're leftover time, they enlarge...

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