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It's NOT weight loss, Its FAT loss! #CoolSculpting


   *What you need to know about fat cells!*

Each individual has a varies when it comes to fat cells, however once you're an adult the amount of fat cells don't typically change. The fat cells one has expand or shrink according to your diet and exercise routine. Most people have stubborn pockets of fat that are more difficult to reduce despite diet and exercise.

                    *Stubborn Fat can't Stand up to                                                                Coolscultping*

CoolSculpting targets, freezes, and eliminates treated fat cells in nine area of concern, using a fat-freezing technology known as cryolipolysis. Scientists have determined that our fat cells are hypersensitive to cold… more so than skin, nerves, or muscle.  This non-invasive process naturally eliminates up to 20-25% of treated fat cells over a 1-3 month period. You can pinpoint exact trouble spots where you’d like to reduce fat. The treatment is FDA-cleared from double chins to back fat. You will work directly with a provider at Eastland Face and body to customize a treatment plan that’s unique to you and your body contouring goals.

                      *What does Non-Invasive mean?*

Little to NO downtime. Non-invasive also means that there are no needles and no surgery! BONUS!

How the CoolSculpting treatment works:

  1. Fat gets cooled to just above freezing.
  2. Within the fat cells, crystals form, and then the fat cells die.
  3. As fat cells die, they collapse and a natural inflammatory process removes the dead cells through the lymphatic system.
  4. The natural inflammatory process can take a few weeks after treatment to start removing dead fat cells, resulting in fat layer reduction.

                  *How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?*

Since the CoolSculpting procedure is so personal, there are many factors that determine the cost of treatment! Once a treatment plan has been decided with your provider after a free consultation at Eastland Face and Body, you will have a better idea of how many treatments you need and how many different areas you want treated. These factors will determine the price of your CoolSculpting treatments. The best way to determine the price for your treatment plan is to get an in-person consultation with one of our highly trained providers here at Eastland. Generally, the cost for CoolSculpting® can range between $2,000-$4,000 and can be as little as $300/Month through GreenSky.

                   *What To Expect Before your CoolSculpting                                                      Treatment:*

Before getting a CoolSculpting treatment, your well-trained Eastland Face and Body provider will need to determine if you are a candidate. Most clients are candidates if you have subcutaneous fat (fat you can grab or pinch) in one of the nine FDA-cleared areas, don't have any contraindication to the treatment, and have realistic expectations.  Every body is different, which is why it is important your treating Eastland provider works with you to develop a customized treatment plan for your body with a free consultation here at Eastland Face and Body!

                   *What To Expect During your CoolSculpting                                             Treatment*

Treatment times vary depending on what part of the body you are having treated. Treatments can take as little as 35-45 minutes per treatment area.

During the procedure you may experience slight aching, mild pinching, intense cold, tingling, pulling, stinging, tugging and cramping at the treatment site. These sensations subside as the area becomes numb. 

Eastland Face and Body offers the opportunity to have multiple areas treated in a single day! The CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared to treat visible fat bulges in the abdomen and flank areas, thigh, back fat, upper arm, bra fat, underneath the buttocks (banana roll), under the jawline, and under the chin. What problem area(s) would you have treated?


                    *What to Expect After  your CoolSculpting                                                       Treatment*

After your CoolSculpting treatment with Eastland, your body naturally processes and eliminates the dead fat cells in the treated area! Patients can expect up to 20%-25% reduction of fat in the treated area in 1-3 months. Common side effects include blanching, temporary redness, swelling, tingling, itching, firmness, bruising,  stinging, tenderness, cramping, aching, or skin sensitivity, and sensation of fullness in the back of the throat after chin or jawline area is treated.

                 *Can you do CoolSculpting to the lower                                       abdomen postpartum?*

Generally speaking – if you have pinchable fat in the lower abdomen, you’re likely a candidate for CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting can work on pinchable fat between chin and knees, but all of the moms out there know the most stubborn areas to reduce postpartum are the lower abdomen and the love handles.

 CoolSculpting may be the best fit for lower abdomen fat that won’t budge, but it depends on a physical exam. It’s got to be the right kind of fat for the treatment to work. Some women develop diastasis recti during pregnancy, which is a separation of the muscle wall. CoolSculpting doesn’t address diastasis recti.

 CoolSculpting is able to help improve your shape, sculpt slimmer lines, and/or reduce volume to the lower abdomen so you feel more confident or comfortable, especially postpartum.

                         *Can Men Get CoolSculpting? *

ABs-olutely! Book an appointment today at Eastland Face and Body and find out if you are a candidate!


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