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PRP for Men - Thinning Hair Restoration

Improve the diameter and density of your hair with PRP Hair Restoration Treatments - a great service for men with thinning hair.  By just thickening the hair you already have you can disguise those stubborn, lighter spots in under 6 months with 6 total treatments, and it'll just keep getting thicker for 6 months from the last treatment. 

How Do PRP Hair Restoration Treatments Work?

It sounds a lot more complicated than it is, it's a simple process really. It involves taking plasma from your blood and injecting it into your scalp to stimulate hair growth and thickening. The procedure is painless and requires zero recovery time. One of the most appealing aspects of PRP Hair Restoration Treatments is that no anesthesia is needed because the procedure is non-invasive. Because PRP is derived from your own blood, there is NO chance of having an allergy or immune reaction. Side effects or complications of PRP injections are extremely rare. The main risks include local infection (< 1% chance) and pain at the site of injection.  The entire procedure is no different than donating blood and is not something that is uncomfortable enough to need any sedatives. 

PRP for hair loss treatments involve three steps: 

  1. Your Blood Is Drawn: We'll draw some of your blood, which is typically taken from the arm. Your blood is put into a centrifuge that spins the blood to separate the platelet-rich plasma. 
  2. Centrifuge Isolation of PRP: The centrifuge separates the fluids in the blood and takes around 10-20 minutes. The goal is to isolate the PRP from the red and white blood cells, which is a yellowish or straw-like color. 
  3. PRP Scalp Injections: The isolated PRP is injected into precise areas of the scalp to stimulate hair growth. 

What's The Upkeep Like For PRP Hair Restoration Treatments?

So over a year's time, you'll have completed the suggested treatment plan and say hello to a full head of hair again!  Repeat sessions are then needed about every 3 to 4 months for up to two years.  

Package Pricing For A 6 Month Plan is $2,000 For 6 Treatments (a $2,400 value).

Maintenance Treatments are $400 each and you'll need 3-4 during the second year of treatment.

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